Potential of Agrotourism in Sabah

Introduction to MaSDa

  • Sabah Durian And Tropical Fruit Planters Association
    • (Persatuan Pengusaha Durian Dan Buah-Buahan Tropika Sabah)
  • Registered on 14 June 2019
  • MaSDa = Making Sabah Durian Amazing
  • 142 registered small farmers
  • Representing 3,500 acres of fruit crops
  • More than 200 networking farmers under MaSDa's umbrella

Purpose of MaSDa

  • Step 1: Education and Skills
    • Awareness Building for Farmers
  • Step 2: Yield & Quality of Fruits
    • Capacity Creation for Farmers
  • Step 3: Market & Community
    • Cooperation in Marketing Farm Produces
    • Farmers & Community Development

Sabah Fruit Industry: Developments

Government Support




New Young Farmers




Quality Produce
Production CapabilityMarket & Tech SavvyUnique Story

What is Agrotourism?

  • Agrotourism is where agriculture and tourism meet to provide you with an amazing educational experience about farming, whether it be a tour of a farm, farm stays, animal feeding or a fruits festival.
  • Farmers turn their working farms into destinations to help educate the public about farming. Others do it as a way to supplement income in the off-season. But no matter what the reason, every farm has something unique to offer.
  • Slogan: “A Unique Sabah's Farmland Experience”

Benefits of Agrotourism

  • Farmers - Another source of income
  • Community - Showcase local products
  • Environments - Preserve agricultural lands
  • Tour Operators - Experience different culture


  • Marketing Strategies and Challenges
  • Critical Factors
  • Basic Guidelines for Farmers