Postharvest Handling Webinar

MaSDa started a series of postharvest handling webinars during the MCO. Dr Phebe Ding and Dr Salumiah Mijin were invited to conduct the webinars. The MCO made direct communication hard for a lot of people, but with the webinars, some difficulties were eased with the help of the webinars

Fellowship with Tawau Agriculture Association and Tawau Chinese Chamber of Commerce

The fellowship began on the 25th November 2021 in Sandakan

Balanced Nutrition Agriculture Courses

Since 2021. MaSDa has held a series of balanced nutrition agriculture courses. Peter Chong, an agronomist of Agri Bio Nutrition, was invited to conduct a session on the 29th of March 2022. The courses were aimed at making faarmers more informed of the proper nutrition that is required to healthily grow and cultivate the crops